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Software Integrations Engineer


The SIE is responsible for ownership and delivery of the core services and APIs that serve as integration points into a variety of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, using an array of different platforms, APIs, databases, protocols, and data formats to ensure that the data and the business processes are aligned.


  • Design, develop, and maintain integration flows using an array of different platforms, APIs, databases, protocols, and data formats
  • Collaborate and review code with other developers in development to ensure each integration maintains a consistent level of technical standards as set by the team
  • Work directly with Business Systems Analysts to ensure that the data and the business processes that intersect in the Enterprise Applications ecosystem are as efficient and high fidelity as possible.


The Integrations Engineer develops core services and APIs that serve as an enterprise data backbone, identifying elegant solutions to complex workflows

  • Bachelor’s degree from a four-year university required
  • 2+ years of experience
  • Write well structured, quality code that’s easily maintainable by others.
  • Write code that interacts with various HTTP-based API’s, primarily REST-based.
  • Understand basics of SQL and relational databases.
  • Experience developing integrations with C#.
  • Proactive doer and communicator.
  • SaaS and B2B experience preferred.
  • Develop integrations that are designed and implemented as reusable building blocks as appropriate to allow for more efficient integrations of a similar type.
  • A true professional always checks his ego at the door and understands that a successful picture is made of the expertise of all team members, including developers, product managers, executives. Besides, an engineer should be able to logically express his thoughts and convey his point of view to other team members.
  • The introduction of new requirements, the adjustment of deadlines, the extension or reduction of a team are common changes in a project. A true professional should be able to adapt to the new environment to become a strong player.
  • Professionals must continually expand their skills as organizations require SIE’s who are experts at what they know but also keep up with the latest trends and constantly evolve. If you want to stay at the top of the game, constant learning is key.
  • An experienced SIE should be familiar with Scrum, Agile development methodologies and be able to work within a specific system.
  • Complex and versatile programming knowledge for different languages especially with C#.
  • A strong knowledge of how to interpret organizational, software blueprints and technical documents.
  • Excellent communications skills for explaining complex implementation processes to non-experts and to clients and organization members
  • High level written communication skills for the sake of producing the technical documentation for their integration work.
  • Experience with at least one ERP and experience integrating into it.
  • A capacity for working with minimal supervision in complex projects with considerable responsibility