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Michael’s Message - Welcome to doc-link CONNECT

McAlpinA note from Michael McAlpin, Altec Director of Professional Services

At long last… The first addition of the Altec Quarterly Customer Newsletter. For some time now we have been discussing how to better communicate with our customers. As our doc-link customer base has continued to double year on year, we have been working simply to get resources up to speed fast enough to support, manage and deliver to our diverse customers’ demands.

You will find a number of very informative articles included in this and subsequent newsletters including: product management discussing the latest features, sales engineering discussing unique ways customers are using the product, support providing tips and tricks and regular free online seminars.

Increased Performance:
We are always working to enhance our customer intimacy model and have taken some very big steps over the last year. We have doubled the size of the support team in 2008. In January of 2009, we officially split the Customer Account Manager Team into two distinct groups — Project Management and Customer Care. These two teams will be able to better focus on their team’s individual responsibilities, effective delivery and customer care respectively.

Ongoing Enhancements:
Over the next year we are planning to roll out an online portal for customer self care to include training, FAQs, case review and a detailed knowledge base. Our Customer Survey Metrics are planning to go out at the end of every project and at the close of every case to better help us account for the satisfaction levels of our customers. More information will be coming quarterly.

Better Leveraging Your Investment:
On a separate note, we understand that the nature of the current economic climate is difficult. All companies are tightening budgets, holding cash and working to decrease costs. We have frequently been doing no cost reviews of business processes for many of our customers as they look to leverage their doc-link investment in other areas of their business. Many of our customers use doc-link exclusively in AP, but AR, contracts, legal, HR, supply chain, customer care, etc. all retain paper and have business workflow ideally suited for doc-link. We have found that with very little work, you can leverage doc-link more fully throughout your existing organization, overall making existing resources more productive and allowing them to do more when adding resources is not an option.

We understand the investment you have made in doc-link and hope you all feel that we at Altec are your Business Partner. The more successful you are in deploying, administrating and leveraging the value of your investment, the more successful we will be.

Meet Your Customer Care Manager

CorbinoNew Advocate and Support Liaison for doc-link Customers

In an effort to enhance client experiences with our support department, we are pleased to announce a new position, Customer Care Manager, created to assist and act as a go-to person to help resolve any customer service issues you may have.

In alignment with our Customer Intimacy strategy, this key resource will proactively reach out to our customers to assure their complete satisfaction and full utilization of doc-link.

Filling this important role is Lori Corbino, a 10 year employee who has served in numerous customer care and management positions. If you have any issues and don’t know who to call, call 800.997.9921 (x1224) or email Lori at She is ready and equipped to either resolve your issue directly, or act as an inside liaison to someone who can. If an issue cannot be immediately resolved, Lori will follow the issue to ensure speedy response and resolution.

Lori will keep our customers aware of new releases and training schedules as well as opportunities to expand doc-link within your organization thereby maximizing your doc-link investment.

“The continued expansion of our client support model takes our customer service to a new level,” according to Michael McAlpin, Director of Professional Services, “and provides our clients with direct access to an advocate who can assist them quickly to resolve any account issue.”

Lori will be contacting you shortly – and if you have support requirements, please continue to direct those requests to our Technical Support team at 800.997.9921 (x1259) or email

Tips and Tricks

Cathy WoodYou ask the questions and we provide the answers. Cathy Wood, Senior Technical Trainer, is here to answer your doc-link questions in this "tips and tricks" section. This quarter focuses on your doc-link Vista related questions. Here's a sneak peak at some helpful tips and tricks:

Problem: Documents printed to ERM from Vista operating systems never get captured
When printing to the ERM printer from a Vista workstation, documents hang in the print queue with a status of “sending to printer” or “printing.”  Documents never get processed by ERM.

Vista and Windows 2008 operating systems have an additional option on printer properties that is not available on XP or Windows 2003.  This option allows you to “render print jobs on client computers” and is enabled by default when you add a printer to Vista.  If this option is checked, the printed document never gets “released” and ERM cannot process it. On Windows 2003 servers, the “render print jobs on client computers” option is not visible when viewing ERM printer properties from the server so there’s no way of knowing this is the cause of the problem.

To get print jobs processed correctly make sure the “render print jobs on client computers” option is unchecked when adding the ERM printer to Vista or Windows 2008 operating systems.

Problem: The smart client takes a long time to load on Vista operating systems
When launching the doc-link Smart Client, the application launcher takes approximately 50-60 seconds to display a login screen. IEEXEC.exe runs in Task Manager for that time and then finally the login screen appears. This is happening on all Vista PCs, but not XP or 2000.

This is a known issue for Vista and Server 2008. It is a Microsoft bug and can be fixed by applying this Microsoft hot fix:

Problem: Auto-index does not appear to be firing on Vista clients, but works from XP clients 
No errors are presented to the user, investigation of the Event log on the client shows the following error:
 Exception:  Unable to cast COM object of type 'AltecMSScript.ScriptControlClass' to interface type 'AltecMSScript.IScriptControl'. This operation failed because the QueryInterface call on the COM component for the interface with IID '{0E59F1D3-1FBE-11D0-8FF2-00A0D10038BC}' failed due to the following error: Error loading type library/DLL. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80029C4A (TYPE_E_CANTLOADLIBRARY)).

In Auto Index you can use VB scripting.  This uses the local machine’s MSSCRIPT.OCX.  How it works is if there is a problem either finding or executing the MSSCRIPT.OCX control, then doc-link has code that will publish the above error in the error log and then round trip it to the server to complete processing.  The user will not see the error and the round tripping will happen without their knowledge.  Round tripping to the server is generally a bad thing that has bandwidth and performance impacts to the user, so should be avoided if possible.

The problem will manifest running Windows Server 2008 server and Vista clients.  May also occur running Windows Server 2003 server and Vista clients.

If you are using vbscripting on your auto-index search on property and the auto-index does not appear to be firing, reregister MSSCRIPT.OCX on either your Windows Server 2008 server or all your Vista clients.  MSSCRIPT.OCX is a windows system control that does not appear to be correctly registered on Vista or Windows 2008 server.

To submit your doc-link questions, please email

Upcoming Events and Webinars

doc-link How To Webinars:

Are you printing and scanning email attachments, excel worksheets, and word documents to get them into doc-link?  There’s a better way…

In this 3 part series we’ll explore several options you may not know you have.  Each one hour session will cover installation, deployment and usage, and are applicable for customers on doc-link 2.5 and 2.6.

Ultimately the method you use depends on if the document need to be sent to workflow.

Product Spotlight

Doug TannerWith the economy in bad shape, you drastically need to improve productivity

Doug Tanner MCSE, Senior Sales Engineer

I was talking with a friend of mine over the weekend about how today’s businesses will survive with all of the uncertainty in our economy. Ken works as a quality manager for a very large auto company and over the years he’s seen his share of highs and lows.

“Doug,” he said, ”people don’t quite understand that the old ways of fixing the problem aren’t going to work this time. Imagine your company as a passenger in a bumper car with your pockets full of change. Every time you get bumped, money falls out of your pockets. Raising prices, eating losses, instigating layoffs and using cheaper parts won’t steer you away from the other cars. That move is like trying to pick up the change off the floor after every bump or, even worse, settling for having less money in your pocket.” Instead of making these types of knee-jerk reactions, he believes we should look at ways of taking what we have and making it better and more productive. I couldn’t agree more.

Most of what we are doing today in our processes is the way it is because that’s the way it has always worked. In AP processing for example, an invoice will come in it and then it gets sent out to one or more approvers. Sometimes that happens via interoffice mail internally or through courier or delivery services externally. After it is approved, it is then sent back via those same methods and subsequently paid. If you are using doc-link and workflow, you are probably not dealing with the time and cost of a courier, but there still may be more effective ways to streamline the process.

Several doc-link customers that I have been engaged with lately are looking at ways to be more productive and have really been inventive with some of the requests for automation. In one case, it was as simple as putting approvers and their managers in a two tier system of approval escalation. For example, if the approver hasn’t reviewed and accepted or declined the invoice in two days, that invoice would be automatically moved to the next highest approver (usually the manager or department head). While this specific example may or may not be the best way for you and your organization to be more productive and effective, it serves as an example of thinking outside of the box and doing things the way it “used to be done”. If you already have doc-link in your organization, it doesn’t take much to leverage what you have to bring more visibility and control, or allow automation to further enhance your processes to be even more productive.

If you’d like to talk about what doc-link automation can do for your organization, call your sales director, or heck… call me at ext. 1215. I have done a lot of work with customers surrounding different process improvements and really have seen the difference even small changes can make. Every small change can have a huge ripple effect down the (process) line. The increase in productivity can pay back tenfold and may be exactly what your company needs to ride out these challenging times.

Product Development - You Spoke, We Implemented

Merri Jo CleairMerri Jo Cleair, doc-link Product Manager

Did you know that doc-link 2.6 includes 28 of your enhancement suggestions and requests?

You are the ones using doc-link on a daily basis, so it makes sense that you come up with some of the best ideas. But you may wonder what happens after you take the time to put your suggestions in writing. While we can’t fulfill each request immediately, I assure you each one is reviewed by our product committee. Here’s what happens:

  • Your request is received and entered into a database for tracking purposes.

  • Our product committee meets periodically to review each new request.

  • Each request is either approved or rejected. Sometimes we reject enhancement requests because there are other ways to accomplish the same thing. In that case, someone would contact you to talk about options.

  • As we develop our plans for upcoming releases, we review the approved requests. Depending on the scope, focus or priority of the enhancements, a determination is made to assign specific enhancement requests to future releases.

Because release plans are fluid, I can’t tell you today what will be included in doc-link 3.0. But I can tell you that it will include many of your suggestions.

Each quarter I will highlight some of the new features that have been incorporated into doc-link. Here’s one that many of you requested – an easy way to move pages from one document to another!

In the doc-link 2.6 viewer you can display document thumbnails. By opening up two documents in the viewer, you can move pages from one document to the other by dragging the thumbnails. And you can use the thumbnails to re-order the pages. It can’t get much easier than that.

I have lots more to share with you; doc-link 2.6 has so many great features. But there’s always room for improvement. So the next time you say to yourself, ‘I wish doc-link could…’ please send us an email. We really do want to hear from you.

To submit your enhancement suggestions, please email

Contact Us:

For any questions on doc-link or to inquire about upgrades, please contact your Customer Care Manager, Lori Corbino at 800.997.9921 (x1224) or email

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