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Altec is excited to announce the release of a new doc-link module! The GL Distribution Module saves hours in the monthly coding and approval of accounts payable invoices. Affinity Group selected doc-link to eliminate paper bottlenecks in the processing of vendor invoices. They were sold on doc-link’s workflow and integration into the accounting system that provided side by side viewing of payable invoices next to the voucher entry screen and the ability to route the documents for electronic approval. They were excited to learn that the solution would allow them to electronically retrieve and view all key documents for any payables transaction- from purchase order to receiver, to invoice and a copy of the AP check.

Their request to Altec was to create a database of GL account and vendor codes that would allow an AP coder to click and view a drop down menu, select the appropriate account number(s) and vendor code and then burn that into the electronic document. Once the invoice is approved, the GL account number(s) and vendor codes are imported into the financial accounting application eliminating the need to perform hours of data entry and the possibility of errors through number transposition.

This innovation solution is now available to all users of Epicor, Best MAS 90, MAS 200, MAS 500, Best Platinum for Windows (PFW), and Microsoft Business Solutions.

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